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Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store Hillsboro, OR 503-873-6495In our thriving Hillsboro, OR communities, our commercial enterprises and establishments are bustling with business. As Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store has demonstrated with our mobile service fleet, availability is key, which is why our locksmiths pride themselves on arriving with some of the fastest times in the industry to help with commercial building lockouts, master key system security design and overnight implementation, installation of magnet locks, unlocking and opening file cabinets and safes, and even the rare call to cut of rusty old padlocks. Whatever your access management needs are, Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store is the one to trust to deliver responsive, ethical commercial service such as installing new locks on doors, repairing or replacing old locks, even servicing and reprogramming for digital locks.

Lock Changes

If your business has noticed inventory shrinkage, or has recently had to let an employee go who didn't return the key, it's always best to call 503-873-6495 and request a professional locksmith from Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store to provide 24 hour onsite lock changes to maintain the security and profitability of your Hillsboro business. Lock changes are part of our personalized master key system and generally completed at night, or at a time when the business will be closed so as not to be affected. With state of the art equipment, tools and materials on board your locksmith's mobile service fleet vehicle, we can change any type of interior and exterior lock to maintain your businesses security. If lost or stolen keys are problem for your business, we recommend implementing the master key system coupled with the keyway system so only authorized personnel have access where you wish and none of the keys presented to employees can be duplicated.  

Lock Damage

A damaged lock is troublesome, as we are apt to spend our time using a number of assault maneuvers to force the lock into submission, opening or closing as the case may be, after precious time has ticked away during the effort. In the end, the key nearly always breaks in the lock and Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store is called, arriving as we always do in our fleet vehicle ready to assist 24/7. Your Hillsboro, OR locksmith performs onsite lock repair and replacement, which is completely with smooth precision and expertise.

Safe/ Cabinet Locks

Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store full suite of locksmith services includes opening and unlocking file cabinets and unlocking and repairing different types of safes. When you find yourself without access to important documents or assets, call 503-873-6495 for a free security consultation or for 24 hour onsite services such as this particular problem and one of our skilled locksmiths will arrive shortly driving a vehicle from our mobile service fleet, with state of the art tools, equipment and materials, your locksmith will have your cabinets and safes in working order expeditiously.

Emergency Exit Locks

Nothing can be more deadly than a failed emergency exit lock, whose nonfunctional state can garner fines and can result in loss of life in unforeseen circumstances, such as fire. Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store provides regular service for these locks so that you know your door will function when needed. Likewise a door whose lock and alert system is not working allows anyone out of your business in an area that may be out of the way and unnoticed. Our skilled locksmith professionals will ensure your locks are functioning with regular service, but because emergency exit locks are so important, you should check them daily, calling us at 503-873-6495 24/7, should your emergency exit lock unexpectedly fail.

Key Changes

At Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store, we understand the importance of having access to your entire commercial enterprise, including cash registers, locked inventory, company cars, the list is endless. So when keys are damaged or lost, we recommend key changes, coming to you and fabricating any lost key onsite. Since we provide keyway keys, we know the protocol for these keys, simplifying your problem. Call 503-873-6495 24/7 for all of your commercial property needs, including simple key changes.

Master Key Systems

Although our reputation was made by our 24 hour onsite services, Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store also designs and implements innovative security systems, such as the master key system, which most of our fellow commercial enterprise proprietors absolutely love, so much so that most of them are installed to new businesses as most or the Hillsboro businesses already use this indispensable access management system.

In Hillsboro, OR, the master key system allows you to control access through the use of a master key that opens all your locks and several submaster keys that open only certain locks, allowing you to secure certain areas from the public, allowing access to only authorized personnel. We understand your need to remain available, often implementing the system overnight, having it ready for you when you arrive in the morning, even integrating this system with keyway to prevent unauthorized duplication.

Some types of business that are well suited for master key systems include:

Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store Hillsboro, OR 503-873-6495

  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities

Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store is ready to help you design your personalized master key system and always recommend using it with the keyway system to prevent unauthorized duplication and increase your businesses security in Hillsboro Whether your business needs commercial building lockout services, repairing or replacing old locks or installing new locks on doors, simply call 503-873-6495 24/7 for your free security consultation or 24 hour onsite service.