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How would you feel, when due for a meeting, you realize that the front door of your house has developed a mind of its own! The lock does not operate so the key is useless. Your boss is calling you and you find yourself in a sea of troubles. Wouldn't it be great to have an emergency locks locksmith come to your rescue right here right now? This is the possibility especially when you are a resident of Hillsboro, OR area. Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store has remained a dependable name for over a decade now especially for clients in need, just like you.

We specialize in-

Lockout serviceHillsboro OR Locksmith Store Hillsboro, OR 503-873-6495

Do not make lockouts keep you stranded because we have the solutions. We will expertly handle lock openings related to your home, office, and automobile. We have specialized tools and equipment that facilitate damage free opening. Being your emergency locks locksmith we take proactive steps to restore normalcy.

Eviction assistance

Are you finding it difficult to close the door literally in the face of a problem tenant? We offer emergency locks locksmith help for urgent lock replacement and rekeying solutions. This means, the existing keys of the tenant will fail to open the lock. Now you can oust them for good. However, to get on with such desperate measures you need to have the right legal papers set right first.

Emergency key cutting

We have rescued many a client from the most difficult situations with on the spot key cutting on an urgent basis. This has been one of the most popular emergency locks locksmith service. In anticipation of your problems, our team travels with hundreds of key blanks and precision instruments for manual and computerized key cutting.

Unlock service

Unlock services will get you out of your home, inside your office, or within your vehicle stranded in the middle of nowhere. Even the most scrupulous fellows might find themselves at the wrong end of the door. Such situations require immediate intervention from an emergency locks locksmith. We are the specialists in opening safes, car doors, combination locks, padlocks, deadbolts, and everything else that involves a lock and key of some sort.

Post break-in assistance

You do not want to spend a single night in a home that has been broken into. Similarly, you would not like to leave a compromised shop at the mercy of the vandals to do what they want all over again. As your emergency locks locksmith we offer urgent lock repair and replacement solutions to secure the premises. We will take every measure possible to up the security quotient for the times to come.

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