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Many clients in Hillsboro, OR area call us forkey duplication solutions. You may require spares for your windows, doors, or the vehicle. Hillsboro OR Locksmith Storeoffers replacement sets on the spot at a price much less than the cost of new keys. This makes calling us a financially sound decision. Besides the regular residential, commercial, and automotive services, we also provide emergency key making 24/7. Our team cuts all types of keys for locks related to the front and back doors, safes , church keys, vintage keys, or those related to cabinets, desks, old drawers, and more. We offer all encompassing key duplication service.

Mechanical key duplication

Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store Hillsboro, OR 503-873-6495In spite of all the advancements in technology standard locks are available everywhere. When you require spares or duplicates for the same, you can call our expert team. With 10+ years of experience in the related field, we will take minimum time to give you the desired results. After key duplication, we will hand finish, check over them to ensure the absence of any sharp edges. This way when you use it, the key does not leave imperfections, scores on the detainers/levers within locks. Presence of scores will make multiple retailers/delivered to left top during operation. This might result in a lockout. For this reason, you only need to depend upon the expert services as ours for effective key duplication solutions.

Code machine cutting method

When you require for accuracy of results during key duplication, we will use computer-controlled cutting methods. Even if you do not have the sample key to show to us, there is no need to worry. Our team will visit your home or office to examine the lock. Based upon the requirements, we will cut the keys immediately. Code machines require minimal supervision where we will place cards or manually enter key pattern codes. Now the machine will do its work, producing the duplicates in minimum time.

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With something as important as key duplication, you cannot wait long for the experts to arrive on the scene. When you call Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store, our team will be on the way to reach you within 15-20 minutes. Once there, it is time to examine the lock and the keys when present. Based upon your requirement, we will offer a new set of keys immediately. Could anything be more hassle-free?

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