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Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store Hillsboro, OR 503-873-6495For many, the master key concept seems confusing. How is it possible that a single key opens multiple doors? How special is the key? How do the internal lock mechanisms work? Simply put, it involves a lock designed for opening by individual specific key/keys. Hillsboro OR Locksmith Store takes care of all the aspects for the residents of Hillsboro, OR area. We provide top-of-the-line design, consultation, installation, construction, and maintenance of master keys.

Our key restricted systems offer effective protection to the property owners against key duplication and unauthorized access. We stick to the strictest standards when cutting these keys, ensuring maximum benefits.

All you need to know about master key systems

How does it work?

The Master Key system consists of the following:

  • Change key: another name for this is sub-master key. It opens single locks or others exactly similar. What the change key opens you can also open with a master key and others over this rank.
  • Grandmaster: you can access multiple systems using master keys via this key. You will be able to open all the locks that come below in the hierarchy.
  • Master Key: this key is for opening all the locks in a particular system. Individually, you will use the change key for opening these locks.

There might be any number of keys used in the system. This continues until complexity increases to unimaginable proportions.

Most of these systems relate to pin tumbler basic locks. For opening locks, one has to elevate the key stack with a key pin and driver pin. These two rest on both sides of shear line. The key will lift the pin inside the locks. The size of the pins is different, but there is a universal size for driver pin. Key with the appropriate groove set will lift the key to required heights. For transforming pin tumbler standard locks to master key system, the locksmith adds a master wafer / pin between key and driver pin. This wafer pin has the shape of a hockey puck. When it is in place, it has 2 shear lines. One is the shear line related to pin stack having a master wafer above/below the line.

How master key systems enhance security?

Beef up the security aspects of your property with this system. You can now rest easy knowing that just those you authorize will have access to the preapproved areas. This drastically decreases the instances of employee theft and unauthorized building use.

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